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Living Room Reveal

8 weeks… 1 room… and A LOT of DIY sweat equity!  My One Room Challenge living room is complete, and I’m so excited to share the reveal!








This was the one space in our home that I was embarrassed of when guests came over.  It was dark, the inherited furniture was dated, and it absolutely didn’t reflect our personal taste and style.  Subsequently, we never used it, and over time the living room became a forgotten patch of wasted prime real estate… until now!


Take a peek around and make yourself at home…





I rolled up my sleeves to upcycle several of the original pieces in the space plus a few frugal goodies that I scored in the secondhand economy.  The piano that my grandparent’s gifted me when I was 5 years old got a gorgeous glow-up with the help of Chalked Paint



I scooped up this petite IKEA dresser for FREE on FB Marketplace and gave it a little Lacquer love…

Watch video here.





And this $20 desk got a quick transformation courtesy of a DIY-friendly Cabinet Transformations Kit

Watch video here.





One of the smallest paint projects that made the BIGGEST difference was simply painting the wood trim on the vintage sofa and chair that originally belonged to my Grandparent’s… who passed them down to my parent’s… who then passed them down to me!  I picked a paint hue that was similar to the upholstery colour and it instantly gave both pieces a seamless refreshed.



But of course, my favourite DIY of all was the leopard print wall stencil!  MEOOOOW!!

Watch video here.



To see all of the One Room Challenge participant’s room reveals, visit this link.

Now, excuse me while I go put my feet up, sip a cup of tea, and take a few moments to relax in my new space… because YES, I love spending time in it now!

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