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DIY Moss Pots

Turn your average terracotta pots into a unique garden feature with this simple yet sophisticated moss pot project!










•Terracotta pots

Chalked Paint in Linen White

Stone Accents Creations in Bleached Stone

Chalked Paint in Country Grey

•Craft glue

•Decorative dried moss

•Lint-free rags

•Artist’s brush

•Paper towels

•Chalked paint brush

•Plastic drop cloth

•All necessary safety equipment (ie. Protective eyewear, mask, latex gloves etc)



How To


•Using a paint brush, apply a small amount of Chalked Paint in Linen White and dry brush it on the surface of the pots (*dry brushing means you don’t need to completely cover the pots with a solid paint coating.  It’s okay to have some of the terracotta finish showing through to create a lime-washed look)


•Once the Chalked base coat is dry, place the pot on a disposable drop cloth in a well ventilated area, and spay a coating of Stone Accents on all surfaces


•Allow to dry for approximately 15-20 minutes, and then apply a second coat


•Once the textured Stone Accents finish is complete dry, dip a lint-free rag into a very small amount of Chalked Paint in Country Grey, and then rub it randomly onto the pot surfaces to create a weathered look


•Allow the Chalked paint to dry for a minimum of 30 min, and then using an artist’s brush, apply a generous amount of craft glue around the top and bottom edge of the pot, and randomly on the body of the pot as desired


•Sprinkle ground up dried moss onto the glue and shake off any excess.  If you can’t find finely ground moss, place large clumps of dried moss in to a dry grinder or blender to turn it into a find consistency 


•Once glue and moss are dry, add a plant and enjoy!


OPTIONAL: if your pot will be in an area with a lot of moisture, spray all surfaces with a coat of Universal Clear Spray Coating


WATCH our how-to video HERE!


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