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Painted Patio Umbrella

Customize your patio umbrella to fit your backyard decor with a fun stencil pattern and Outdoor Fabric Paint.  






•Outdoor Fabric Paint (project features Turquoise and Navy Blue)

•Vinyl stencil 

•Low tact spray adhesive

•Painter’s tape

•Measuring tape


•Comfort Grip spray can trigger

•Plastic drop cloth

•All necessary safety equipment (ie. protective eyewear, mask, latex gloves etc)





•Glue gun and glue sticks


•Clothes pegs



How To


•Start by laying out a plastic drop cloth in a well ventilated area (preferably outdoors), open the umbrella fully and rest it on the ground so the fabric panels are accessible


•Using a measuring tape, determine where you would like to place the stencil pattern on each umbrella panel, and make a small pencil mark to note placement


•Lay the stencil on a plastic drop cloth and apply a light coat of reposition-able low tack spray adhesive as per directions


•Place the stencil firmly on the first umbrella fabric panel and mask off surrounding areas with additional pieces of plastic drop cloth and painter’s tape to avoid overspray


•Shake the Outdoor Fabric Paint, attach the Comfort Grip to the can, and spray a light coat over the stencil pattern ensuring even coverage


•Immediately remove the stencil to reveal the painted pattern, and allow the paint on the stencil surface to dry before repeating the previous steps (ie. spray adhesive and spray paint) until umbrella panels are all completed


•Allow paint to dry thoroughly as directed before use


Optional: Using a hot glue gun, apply fringe cut to length around the bottom edge of the umbrella


Tip: Use clothes pegs to hold the fringe in place while the glue dries 



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